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Image: Parkes Radio Telescope 7
Parkes Radio Telescope 7
Caption : View of Parkes radio telescope. Photographed in New South Wales, Australia.
Facts: Parkes Radio Telescope has a rotating sixty four meter diameter dish that weighs some 300 tonnes. The dish is divided into three sections. The first section, from the center of the dish to a diameter of 17 meters, is a solid steel plate. The second section from 17 meters to 42 meters is perforated aluminum. The third section from 42 meters to the outside of the dish is a mesh of galvanized steel. The Parkes Telescope is about 380 km west of Sydney, Australia and is operated by the Telescope National Facility Australia. The telescope is used to observe wavelengths from 5mm to 2cm. It was commissioned in 1961 and upgrades have made the telescope some ten thousand times more sensitive.
Photographer: David Nunuk
License: Rights Managed (what does this mean?)
File Info:
MEDIUM RES: JPG, 3960x4885, 4.8Mb, ARGB
Keywords: receiving antenna, telescope, antenna, antennae, antennas, telescopes, Parkes Radio Telescope, New South Wales, Australia, radio telescope, radio telescopes dish antenna, dish antennae, dish antennas, receiving antennas, receiving antennae, astronomy
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